Thursday, May 3, 2018

Five bucks says...

When Edith R**** left she was making $59,154.44 per year.  And when Sue B****** left as the prior business manager she was making $105,922.17 per year per public records.

For the 2017-18 year there was a 2.25% raise..

When the DPI releases their Administrative Salary Report can we expect to see what we should, or is there a chance they started the new replacements for these folks who left at some number above what we'd expect?

With the massive snow fall that dumped the area mid April, part of the roof of EconoLodge in Ashwaubenon collapsed on Sunday the 15th.  Monday the 16th there was no school as this was largely a snow cleanup day though the city.  As far as I know it wasn't till normal staff observed and reported the gym curtain's dragging on the 17th.  And then the gyms were closed and roof snow removal began (Apr 18-19).  And by Thurs the 19th, we were already seeing temps in the 50's, so good melting was well on its way.  They got the okay to reopen after engineers talked with the insurance companies, Wed Apr 25th.  A good question for someone in change would have been why it took so long for someone to think about that much snow posing a problem on our own roofs.  The removal process could have easily started the 16th, if not maybe even the 15th.  Seems like more of a knee jerk response than anything proactive.

Well Bruce N***** didn't last long.  Seemed like a nice guy.  But had some issues walking/bending etc.  So I never really understood why they hired him in the first place.

Obviously didn't meet this qualification:
Physical capabilities include bending, twisting, repetitive side-to-side motion and repetitive wrist motion, as well as the ability to reach, carry, push, pull, lift and handle item(s) weighing up to 100 pounds while performing work duties. Position requires unrestricted mobility on a regular and consistent basis for the majority of the workday.

So seem that list of qualifications they post is bull, or they really can't find people that meet them for what they pay.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fire alarm and VM

A couple days ago there was an extended fire alarm at Foxview.  This is another thing that could have been avoided if someone was on the ball.  Basically there is a room above the auditorium that still has some moisture/humidity issues.  And that excessive moisture caused the smoke detector in that room to freak out.

If you recall back in 2011 when I was stupid enough to care about my job, I attempted to try and do something about the water penetration problem in the building.  Since then, there was a referendum that addressed the roof and building tuck pointing.  Anyway I still say; do not close the door to that auditorium room, air needs to flow. Cut a hole in the door and install a louvered vent like all the other classrooms.  To date this has still feel on deaf ears.  Whatever.

Another asinine thing is with technology this year.  Basically what I get out of it is they don't apparently test things in a sandbox environment before doing a widespread roll out.  So they went to update some of their virtual machine software, and that has been causing wide spread network disruption since.  Classic case of too many eggs in one basket in my opinion.

On a more positive note, this summer the water heater project finally got finished.  Last school year they removed and cut up the junk one, and it sat just like you see it for the longest time.  To bad there were three sources of energy (water pressure, gas and electric) that were not locked out during that time. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

De Pere a critical look

I have been meaning to write about my views of De Pere for quite a while.  When I started working in De Pere at the High School back in 1999 (the Weller days), it was culture shock to me.  My upbringing was more modest and disciplined.  So the disrespectful/ spoiled kids was kind of an eye opener.

I have been trying to put words to my overall impression of De Pere.  Pompous, stuffy, phony are all words that seem to fit.  But let me explain why I see De Pere as self-centered.

There is this river thing, which no doubt contributes to the we are better than them on the other side ego.  Yeah ok to be fair Green Bay has the East/West side thing (though its not as pronounced as years ago), so its not just that.

So maybe its because as Green Bay has become more diverse, the upper class folks have migrated to De Pere.  Why do people do this?  Well its basically an elitists attitude, where they don't care to associate the mixed neighborhood.  So factor that in too.

All that wouldn't be the end of the world, but the kids of these yuppies;

Don't know what hard work is as they were spoiled growing up.
From that stems a lack of respect, as they can't appreciate what they never had to work for.

Just like I wrote a few years back, basically I fell like a slave to these ego stroking elitists.

If you think I am smoking crack, then you should go look at the new business managers red Ferrari and tell me that doesn't make you shake your head a little.

Message to De Pere - Get over yourselves.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Phony school board member

The phony school board member that I wasted my time reaching out to back in September 2015, apparently cheated on his wife when she was at work, and was caught by his own daughter. 

Goes to show you can't trust a phony person.  I never would have guessed the phony stems that far though.

I'll take the truth any day over some professional line of crap where they tell you what they think you want to hear.   When I talk to someone I expect meaningful communications, not a much of hocus pocus.

At least he got caught. Karma I guess.

In other news I am thinking of renaming this blog.  The existing name reflects the union themed issues we once had:

DPESP Mission Statement: - To create an atmosphere of mistrust and tension.

I am leaning towards:
De Pere - Small district with big district dysfunctionality.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

One Time Bonuses

The November 3rd, 2014 board minutes revealed that a one-time salary bonus of $1,000 was awarded to; Shelly T*****, Curriculum Director, and to Sue B******, Business Manager.

When questioned about this new practice a board member responded:

I do feel at times if an individual is going about and beyond their normal duties we can support something in the way of a bonus.  Is this going to happen in all cases, no.  Does this happen all over the country, in many districts, yes.  You are seeing school districts being more structured in the sense of a private business.

In this particular case, I felt, along with others, that a bonus was justified.  We are reviewing this with all employees moving forward.  We want to recognize and reward those individuals who have exceeded expectation.

The December 5, 2016  board minutes reveal that a one-time salary bonus of $1,200 was awarded to Robert L****, Director of Pupil Services, and to Emmy M****, Altmayer Principal.

So every 3 years they select 2 people.  And so far its all been admin.  What is the point?  From what I have seen most upper management types at work just delegate authority anyway.  When I see someone other than the top getting these (call it what is is) kickbacks, then I might think something other than the board member fed me a complete line of bull-crap.

Funny part is they basically bribe/reward kids these days to "encourage" good behavior.  Yet they don't really do this with their own employees.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

In charge on paper only

Today the fire department showed up two times, about and hour and a half apart.  Unbenounced to anyone in the building the fire/security panel apparently freaked out and silently dialed 911 (twice).  No alarms and strobes, and no reported errors on the panels.

Things happen, but this has happened twice since this summer when the had ESG (who got canned and replaced by Martin/Connecting Point) do the security panel upgrade.

You'd think "they" would have had someone look at it since that time.  Speaking of "they," it is just the most impressive thing in the world when you have something like this happen and you'd like to get a hold of someone.  Even more-so awesome, when the Fire Chief leaves a message trying to raise the dead, and no response from either the Director of Building and Grounds or the Assistant.

Thank goodness the building principal was eventual reachable and came in.  At least someone has a sense of responsibility.

The system was taken off line till a service technician could come in that night to trouble shoot it.  As there was a good chance if it could not be remedied before school next morning that they would have to cancel/delay school as you really can't go a whole day with the fire system/monitoring disabled when you have full occupancy.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Changing lighting ballasts

For the last couple years someone from Thomas Electric has been telling various Custodians that they shouldn't be changing lighting ballasts.

This person never mentions if there is some sort of recent code change, so when I hear this I figure even if its true, its the result of the IBEW and lobbing, not something based on logic.  It's not like ballasts have changed in recent years, nor have a I heard of any tragic mistakes made by non electricians.

So I decided to look into it.  The 2016 Winter Commercial Electrical Code Update from the Wisconsin DSPS has this Q and A, easy to understand answers to common code questions:

We have an employee who installs electrical wiring  in our facility. We are licensed as a RCAC or  residential care facility. Does our employee have to be licensed as an electrician? What are her  options as far as the type of license needed to per form her work?
ss 101.862(4)(b)
Answer: Yes for installation. No for repair.  Ss 101.862(4) (b) Employees may perform maintenance or repair. Installation must be done by licensed electricians. ...

Which is what you would expect.  Don't be fooled by someone looking to safeguard "their" work.