Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Security upgrades

This summer most if not all the De Pere schools had their access control systems upgraded.   The work was done my ESG.  It may have not gone as smooth as it should have, but they are not the only ones making mistakes.

Over the weekend there was a small power interruption in De Pere.  This caused the fire department to receive a false call from Foxview.  (Apparently the thing doesn't have batteries)

Here is the more massive error, on the district's part.  Someone forgot to give the fire and police department a new fob/access card so they can get into the building in the event of an emergency.  And whats more is the physical key in the knox box no longer fits the door.

So while it sounds nice on paper and maybe provides some sort of assurance when part of the referendum dollars is allocated to "security upgrades", in reality is means little when those in charge don't take responsibility.

Thank god this was a false alarm type of thing to bring this issue up.  

Funny part is somehow the technology director, Michael O'Call***** still has his name attached to the whole building security thing.  I was under the impression that shifted to the director of buildings and grounds a few years back.  Quite frankly I don't understand why that guy is still employed.  Seems even more obvious after seeing more staff turnover in his department.  And when these fine folks move on, their new employers even know how bad the guy is.

That speaks volumes, combined with his staff leaving without any solid employment lined up before leaving.

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