Monday, October 10, 2016

Verbal diarrhea

For years I have been hearing my boss complain about the cost of the floor port covers in the cafeteria.  These are the things you lift up to access plugs in the floor.

There are four of them where I work,  and they break often (2-3 times a year) and become a tripping hazard.

We don't actually use the plugs in the floor anymore, so if someone was more than hot air, they'd have an electrician come in and remove the wiring.

Or bring the over priced ($142 each from Grainger) plastic junk to a fab shop and have them make a metal one.  (2TEC5 Floor box cover, 8 -1/8 in Grey)

About a year ago I got tired of hearing about this stupidity, and created a very simple metal one of my own as a proof of concept as to how simple it really is.  Since then the remaining plastic ones have  been replaced and mine held up.  I kind of hoped this would prompt someone in charge to do something more than the same old insanity.  Guess again... so I'll be god-damned if I'll ever make another one for anyone.  If I get paid to make them, then maybe.

On the theme of verbal diarrhea, here is another annoying thing..

I noticed this years safety training includes yet more dumb crap that doesn't pertain to us, as its not in the scope of what we do, etc.  But the ultimate annoyance is the double standard.  Lock-out-tag out, never, I repeat never gets followed by outside contractors.  Right now we have a water heater contractors removed and the, electricity, gas and water for the thing have no lock out tag out on them, and will likely be this way for several more months.

A lastly a few months ago the cement steps to the auditorium were jackhammered and re-poured as they were in bad shape.  Only problem is in the process one of the upper pains of glass cracked (probably from the jack hammer debris).  I wonder how long before anyone in charge takes the time to look at the completed job and notice this.

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